Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Watching the show.

Snuggled with Mommy

Shirt says "Kiss Me, I'm Irish".

Two young O'Donovan School Girls

I can't remember the first girl's name...eek..; Susan, Michael, and Whitney.

Our section of the parade, I'm the one at the far right waving.

Me waving.

Before our performance.

Dancing the light jig (I'm on the far right).

Doing our hornpipe, I'm the 3rd from the left.

These pictures are actually from Saturday. I participated with my Irish dance school, McCafferty School of Irish Dance, in the Little Rock/North Little Rock St. Patrick's Day Parade. We all marched in the parade and had a performance at an Irish pub afterwards. Reese and Dad walked in the parade with us, with Reese's stroller- which she has hardly been in since China- fully bedecked. It was fun. Reese had a good time, too. She loves Irish Dance, I think she can hardly wait until she's old enough to take it. At my school, you have to be 5, at least that's what Mrs. Judy is saying right now. Reese is getting pretty good at it, I think. And she loves my dance instructor, Mrs. Judy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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