Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preliminary Egg Hunting

"Look! A yellow egg!"

"Put it in Backpack!"

"Another one!"

"Look! Lots more!"

"See me and Mommy with all my eggs!"
Seeing as I don't believe China is real big in the Easter Bunny/Easter Egg business, we opted to believe Reese would have no clue.

We were right.

Reese is having an Easter party at school tomorrow which involves finding eggs. Reese has never done this before, and the whole concept of stuffing eggs with candy and finding them is still a bit beyond her, I think. Or maybe this is a 3 year old thing? She gets the candy, she sort of gets the eggs (they're pretty and come apart, why not play with them?), the finding thing, I think still needs a bit of work. She doesn't seem to fully get why we're hiding them and then finding them, seeing as it's Mom whose hiding them, and therefore knows where they are, why do the rest of us have to look for them? Yeah, it's fun, that's obvious. Reese likes looking for the eggs. Problem is: I think the child is color-blind. If she didn't identify things by color all the time, I'd really think it. Mom never made finding them very hard, and they're bright, nearly-neon colored eggs. I'm trying to figure out why it seemed nearly like rocket science to locate them. Maybe it's my 17 year old, see the eggs, grab them, and relish in the mass amounts of candy you found, forget the eggs, mind pertaining to large, some 16,000 eggs hunts. *shrug* I vaguely remember egg hunting being the niftiest thing ever, even hard. Now...well, since the hunting isn't hard, I opt to make the dying of the real eggs as complex as possible. I blow my eggs out so I can keep them after Easter. Makes me feel like I didn't waste 3 hours of blowing and decorating, I suppose.

And as I ramble off subject, I must mention that while digging the candy out of my plastic eggs at hunts, I have always been anal about looking at the candy in the eggs and then somehow cramming the candy back in. I would not have candy floating lad-de-da around my basket. Yeah, how OCD can you go?

Anyway, I think Reese will enjoy it as the idea sinks in. And with our "practice rounds" today, I think that's getting closer. Hey, at least we're not throwing her up the river without a paddle to figure this weird-o "egg hunting" thing. Where the heck did eggs and bunnies get connected anyway, out of my own morbid curiosity?

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