Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meet Ben

First meeting.


Playing, somewhat together, in Shae's room. (Reese's sort of cranky face is due to her not having warmed up to the whole thing yet.)

Ben playing with Rachael
Meet Reese's fiance', Ben. ;) They met for the first time today. Paula and her family had something of an "open house" to meet Ben, because their welcome home at the airport was thwarted by airplane malfunctions. It's funny when you wait for a child, until you meet them, even seeing them in pictures with people you know, they don't seem quite real. I felt like yelling, "He's real! He's real!". Yeah, yeah... He's so adorable. Reese didn't really warm up to the whole situation (there were lots of people she didn't know) until we were about to leave, so I don't really know how they feel about each other. Paula and I are thinking of having a calmer, more one-on-one play date with each other for them. I think it'll be good for them to grow up with another kid with a birthmark around.

He's so cute, I can't wait to see him again. He vaguely reminds me of Reese before she lost her "baby face". It's also strange, I never thought Reese would be head and shoulders taller than him, even though she's a year older than him. He'll catch up before long, I'd think, though.

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