Friday, March 21, 2008

Adopting William

This family is adopting a little boy from Liberia. They also have an older daughter adopted not long ago from Liberia. This little boy has some serious special needs, and this family felt moved to adopt him. Now, they need everyone's help to bring him home. They are currently trying to raise some $15,000 for this adoption, and when they get home, they get to go through multiple surgeries with this little boy that they are naming William. He has a severe cleft lip/cleft palate. The cleft lip was recently repaired to some extent. The cleft goes up basically into his left eye, and he needs surgery as soon as possible to preserve vision in that eye. He is also missing his left leg. Hospitals in Liberia are not very sanitary, and malaria runs rampant. The sooner this boy gets home, the better chance he has of having a more normal life and getting the help he needs in a sanitary environment.

Please pray for this family that the funds come through, and that their little boy is kept safe and healthy.

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Charlotte said...

Thanks Monica for passing it on ! William is so special !

Charltote and crew


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