Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Playing Outside

Playing with Mom's rose bush

"See this BIG leaf?"

Little feet (she wears a 7).

Reese stayed home with me again today because she woke up this morning with a bit of fever and complaining of a sore throat. She also, reportedly, woke up several times during the night complaining with her throat. So, Mom asked me to watch her again. So I am. Thus far, she's been good, just a few minor mishaps that were easily and peacefully resolved. She decided she wanted to go outside, but said her flip-flops were sticky (gee, maybe that's what happens when you eat Lifesavers haphazardly) and didn't want to wear any of her other shoes without socks. Finding little socks around here can often be just short of a miracle, and her blue flip-flops have gone AWOL, so I told her she could go out barefoot as long as she stayed on the concrete, which was just as well because the ground is saturated completely. We've had TONS of rain lately. My camera-happy self took this as a chance to take, what else, but MORE pictures. This kid is going to have one of the best documented childhoods ever. :)

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