Friday, April 11, 2008

Strep Throat

Reesey has strep. We took her to the doctor yesterday after the potential "storm-from-hell" blew through. It wasn't nearly as bad as they made us all believe. Eh, it's only 4 tornado warnings with the tornado being tracked to come right at us in 1 week. That's not exhausting, or anything. Anyway, Mom and I took Reese to the doctor. Mom was positive it was strep (I was the magnet for strep until I had my tonsils out March 2007.), and the lab and the doctor confirmed that. While Reese and I were in the bathtub yesterday, her throat hurt so bad she wouldn't swallow. And she wouldn't take the pain medicine to make it not hurt. So I'm laying down in the bathtub with her sitting by me, spitting out spit because it hurts to swallow. I have all sorts of sympathy for that about bad timing. Finally, we got her to take the medicine and about 30 minutes into it, she was fine to drink. She even ate a piece of pizza. She's had 3 doses of antibiotic now and is apparently feeling mucho better. She even dressed herself because she tried to run outside in her underwear when Grandma brought us our mail from down at her house and Grandma told her she needed to put on some clothes. So she did. And they didn't match in the least, but I frankly just don't care that much. That's what the picture is of, her ensemble. Now, she's stripped back down. No surprise. She'd much rather run around in nothing but her panties than anything else. Can't say I blame her really. Some clothes are just that uncomfy.

So today marks 4 days in a row I've taken care of her. In 4 days, we've had 2 disciplinary actions, both on Wednesday, and they both went off tear-free. Yay for me! I honestly think I could maybe take care of her full-time, particularly once I get a car and we could get out of the house, what with the weather getting better and what not. I just need to find a place she could go once a week or so, so I could go to my therapy appointments. It's hard to have therapy when the 3 year old constantly wants your attention or has to go potty. Yup, sure is.

Anyway, life is good here for now.

Peace out

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