Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pretty, Pretty Princess

This is the dress that came in her Easter basket. I took a picture of her in front of Mom's door, so we'd have some comparison for height later (should've done that 10 months ago...oh well.)

Chi-Chi managed to get herself into Reese's dress. Reese and Dad were in the room at the time so there was NO assistance whatsoever for the thumb-challenged to get into it.

Reese stayed home with me today, as she stayed up FAR too late last night because Daddy was watching the basketball tournament. She is uber cranky in the mornings when she gets in bed at 8:30, last night it was closer to 10:30. Sadly, I had no forewarning (none of us did) and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning on IM with one of my friends who lives in Florida. Mom came to me this morning basically begging for me to please watch Reese. Finally, I agreed. We slept until 11, then she got up and watched cartoons in the living room and I went back to bed in Mom's room (right beside the living room) and told her to come get me if she needed me. She did, all was okay, and I got roughly another hour and half of sleep. Our sister, Michelle, and baby Jonathan came over today, too. So Reese had 2 sisters (and a nephew) to play with. Although, with Jonathan being 2 months old and having had his shots yesterday, he wasn't much to play with. But he's cute. And something different.

Mom made No-Bakes today. I don't eat them, but they're fun to watch being made. Mom told Reese she could put her spaghetti plate on the stove.
Mom: You can put it right there. That's not hot.
Reese: Let me see! *palm down on the burner* Nope! *puts down her spaghetti*
Me and Mom: *shocked look*

Kids just don't learn, do they? Gosh...

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