Sunday, April 6, 2008

On The Road Again...

Mom, Reese, and Granny Edith

Mom and Caroline

Mom, Reese, and Caroline

We went up to see Mom's side of the family today. My 90 year old great grandmother is in the nursing home right now. She spent some of the last couple of weeks in the hospital due to falling at home and being down for 12 hours and getting pneumonia, and now, she's in the nursing home to make sure she doesn't fall and get left again. So we went to visit her. After that, we went to see my 5 week old cousin, Caroline. She's quite the cutie. Reese likes her, too, but she doesn't get the difference between a baby and another toddler. So when Caroline swats at her, Reese tries to swat back. We didn't let that go on for long, though.

All in all, it was a fun day. I got to hold a cute, little baby for a while. :)
Baby "Jonavan" as Reese says (she can't quite get Jonathan out).
All 11 lbs. of him! :)

And on Thursday, I got to hold another cutie-baby: my nephew, Jonathan- and feed him. :) Michelle came over to borrow my computer, and I had forgotten to post since then, as I've been having uber laptop issues. I'm calling the repair company tomorrow to have them send me a box because that thing is dying. Luckily, we have the desktop, courtesy of my laptop spazzing last time.

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