Monday, May 5, 2008

All-American Inns and Suites

We went to Branson, Missouri, over the weekend (Friday night to Sunday night)- more about that will be blogged soon-for the Silver Dollar City World Fest. Their big thing this year was Ireland, and there was an Irish Dance show, Ireland's Feet of Fire. I take Irish dance, so I really wanted to go. Mom managed to work it. So we all went to Branson. Mom got us rooms at the All-American Inns and Suites. It's a really nice hotel, but it's only been open since April 18, 2008, so it's not very well known. It's about 10 or 15 minutes, usually, from Silver Dollar City, a bit off the beaten path (not right on the main drag, but less than 5 minutes off of it), and it has a Walgreens about 5 minutes away. Interior corridors, an outdoor pool, complimentary breakfast (waffles, coffee, juice, toast, donuts, cereal, etc.), Serta mattresses, really nice pillows, and a great staff. One of the owners, Christy (pictured above), is so sweet. So is her husband, whose name I can't remember. We had some trouble with their wi-fi, but it had only been up for 1 day, and my laptop was being stupid so it may have been my computer. But her husband came up to our room and tried to help me with the wi-fi. Christy also has homemade cookies, made by her, at the front desk every evening about 7 pm. We had a suite sort of room, 2 rooms connected to each other. One room had 1 queen sized bed, a TV, desk, chairs, the bathroom with a sink and shower/tub, and another sink out in the main area with a larger cabinet area around it, and a dresser. The room I slept in had 2 queen size beds, a TV, a dresser, a desk, a chair, and its own AC, so I could keep it a bit above freezing in my room. We loved it. It was such a great set up in the room we stayed in. We could be a bit more spread out, without feeling really cramped and on top of each other.

We would definitely recommend this hotel. It doesn't have many reviews yet, because it's so new, so it doesn't come up very high on Google or TripAdvisor, but it is an excellent choice.

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