Monday, April 28, 2008

11 Month Gotcha Day!

11 Months In Our Family!

Blogger has, in recent times, decided to be stupid about copy and pasting pictures, so here's the 1o Month Gotcha Day post, which has a link to the 9 Month Gotcha Day post, which has the line-up of pictures. I forgot to take a picture today, so I used the one I took for our Flat Travels at Larry's Pizza. If you want to know more about Flat Traveling, click here for my Flat Traveling blog.

Reese has been in our family for 11 months now, and it has been an amazing 11 months. Nearly a year! It's hard to believe it's been that long since we first saw her in person, and went to China. She has grown so much. She's 31 lbs and 37 inches tall, I believe. That's about 7 lbs and 3 inches since we got her. Pretty impressive, huh? She was in 18 months and 24 months when we got her; now she is wearing 3T pants and 4T tee shirts (bigger head hole, looser fit). Although, she will randomly wear other sizes. She has a pair of orange yoga pants that our friends Bryan and Kim R. got her before we got her. They're an 18 months, but they fit in the waist. They're just short, so she wears them as capris. Her two favorite shirts are 2Ts.

Her and Chen Le are getting better with each other. As in, Chen Le usually doesn't try to claw her to death. Which is a real improvement. With the 5 or so days she spent with just me for the most part, we seem to have really bonded. It's kind of funny actually. She rarely says "I Love You" to me. Heck, I may not have heard it since China, until about February. And kisses are rubbed away. Then, randomly, a couple weeks ago, she was riding a mechanical horse at Wal-Mart and looking so darn cute that I leaned over and kissed her. And she rubbed at it. I figured she was rubbing it away, like usual. And then she proclaims, "I rubbing it in". I could've melted then and there. She kissed me, I rubbed it in; and I kissed her again, at her request, and she, once again, rubbed it in. Things like that will melt your heart. She's always seemed to like me, but she has rarely been affectionate with me. Then, just yesterday, we were following Mom to the salad bar, and she says, "I love you," and I stopped in my tracks. We were walking hand in hand, which we do quite frequently, and it took me a minute to process it. And I said, "I love you, too." She then asked me to pick her up so she could see the salad bar, and said it again. I replied in kind, and just valued holding her. I hold her, like we walk hand in hand, fairly frequently, but it just had a special something to it then. And that something is not unknown.

11 months later, I think she's really settling in, trusting her place more. Trusting that I'm not going to stay, and she's going to go, as happened so much in her foster families. I think she's finally figuring that this is permanent, forever. And, Smunchie, you're right. This is forever.

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Lexie said...

Hey! My name is Lexie and my family is in the process of adopting for China a SN Mei Mei for ME!

I just found your blog today. Reese is such a doll! I look forward to following it some more!


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