Monday, May 19, 2008

Asian Festival 2008

Yesterday, we went to the Jacksonville Asian Festival. Reese and her friends were going to do a dance, but the practices were never organized, so they stood on stage and sang, for lack of a better term. I had to go up there with her to get her to even go up. Reese stood there by me, played with my hair, and looked quite similar to a deer caught in the headlights. They "sang" "It's A Small World". International adoption makes you realize just how small of a world it is.
Reese got to wear her pretty purple Chinese qipao, and I wore my Chinese Coke T-shirt. It was a lot of fun, but it would've been more fun if we hadn't had to be there an hour and a half early for no real reason. We were told they would learn a dance- all they did was walk across the stage. So all of this took place during nap time, so there were several tears and expiring good natures. We left as soon as intermission hit, after Reese's time on stage. It was very crowded, but it was fun to get together (again) with some of our FCC friends.

How do you like the layouts? Any ideas on names for a blog for my layouts?

Photos are mine. I used GIMP 2.4.5 and Scrap Girls Refresh Biggie Collection (freebie download). And I can't remember what texts I used for journaling. Oops.

Also, I made a very stupid newbie mistake. All of my previous layouts have been at the default dpi for GIMP, which is 72 dpi. 72 dpi is great for emailing pictures, etc....but it's crap for printing or having things developed. I thought about that and upped it to 200 dpi for these layouts, which is better, but I just discovered I need to get it up to 300 dpi for it to be good to print. Sadly, I can't fix my old layouts. I can only go back and redo them. Maybe I will, Maybe I won't. I don't know yet. But hopefully, I will remember that from now on.

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