Sunday, May 18, 2008


I made this today with pictures from Bob & Meredith's Shower. What do you think? It is made using my pictures, GIMP 2.4.5, and the Promise Collection from Shabby Princess. The font for the "journaling" and date is Courier.

A thing I have noticed about kids: they are very sensory beings. Some do most things visually, others like to discover things auditorially, others have to taste everything or smell everything, others have to feel everything. Reese is one of those who has to feel everything. Walking through Wal-Mart is a sensory experience- she touches everything. When she's nervous, she plays with my hair. She has since we got her, even when she wasn't fond of me. She's also been known to plunge a hand down Mom's shirt when upset or hurt. She likes to tap people's shoulders or chest for contentment, such as when she's drinking a sippy cup. She loves soft things, particularly stuffed and real animals. I have panda bear that is VERY soft, and she loves him (his name is Peter). He's as big as she is, but she'll carry him around. Last night, Mom had to go out, and she gave my Build-A-Bear cheetah, Canon, a hug and a kiss at Reese's request. Reese eventually made me strip the cheetah of its clothes because the clothes "weren't soft". She passed out cuddled up with Canon. It was cute.

I'm thinking about starting (another) side blog just for me to post this scrapbook pages on, to keep them all in one place, so to speak. Any ideas for names for it if I decide to pursue it? Please, any ideas?

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