Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boutell Baby Shower

Just for the record, I did post yesterday. I added the Slide show to the previous post.

Anyway, yesterday, Reese, Mom, and I went to Bob & Meredith's baby shower. They are leaving on Wednesday for China to get their little girl from Jiangxi. They got lots of awesome stuff, including some custom stuff, like monogrammed bibs, a handmade dress or two, and Kammy cross-stitched Allison a Precious Moments blanket. Attending were:
Kim R. and her daughters, Anna-Marie (Hunan) and Savannah (Yunnan)
Kammy K. and her mother
Charlotte W. and her kids, Rebekka (bio), Riley (Guangdong), Raeghan (Guangdong), and Rachael (Chongqing), and grandson Caden (bio), and her mother, Joanie
Jane G. and 2 of her kids, Maggie (Guangdong) and Kennedi (Qinghai)
Kimberly A. and her daughter, Olivia (Vietnam)
Carla R. and her daughters, Lilly (Shaanxi) and Lucy (Guangxi?)

I think that was everyone. We had a good time, and the kids had fun playing with each other. Good luck to Bob & Meredith on their trip to get their Allison. I hope it's as uneventful as an adoption trip should be.

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