Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Branson, Missouri- Day 1

We went to Branson for the weekend, as it was the last weekend for World Fest. I really wanted to go, as their big show this year was Ireland's Feet of Fire. I am an Irish dancer, so I really wanted to see it. The stars aligned properly, and we got to go for the weekend. Friday evening after our 12 month post-placement meeting with our social worker, we left for Branson, and we got there roughly about midnight. We got home roughly about 1 in the morning on Sunday night/Monday morning.
We went to Branson, and we went to Silver Dollar City. This was Reese's first experience with a theme park/amusement park of any kind. It was cold Saturday morning. I had on a t-shirt, my jacket, and I absconded with Dad's extra jacket. It was cold. We bought show lovers passes, which are just a genius invention. For $10 a person (not including children 3 or under- they're free!), you are guaranteed a seat, and a good seat, for your show time. So you don't have to wait in the God-forsaken, half-mile long line. Cool, huh? You also get refillable mugs that are an $8 value in and of themselves for "free" if you buy one. Each $10 person gets one.
We killed time wandering through the Irish marketplace, where I got my name carved on a piece of stone in Orgham, which is an ancient form of writing found throughout Ireland, and a really pretty ring. Which I had to dig, and dig, and dig, and dig... ... for seeing as the ring I finally got was a size 4. And apparently, either a lot of people have that ring size- or none do. Anyway, I got my ring, and I'm happy.
We then went a found the kiddie rides, for lack of a better term, which were not far from the building where Feet of Fire was being shown. We got Reese to ride the elephants. She enjoyed it immensely. It looks like Dad and I have a roller coaster buddy on our hands, which Mom is not. LOL. Mom rode with her, then I rode with her, then she and I rode this little boat ride where you go around in circles on a track. It's fairly bumpy, but fun. Reese loved it. Then, we had to go back to watch the show.
Reese was enthralled as long as they were dancing. She's never been too interested in the singing parts or just musical parts. She loved watching them dance though. After the show, which was awesome, we got to meet the dancers. It was great, as I got to talk to them some about dancing. Most of the dancers were from Ireland, but two of them were from the Drake School in Georgia.
After the show and meet-and-greet, we ate lunch from the Tastes From Around The World area. Mom and Dad had fish and chips from the Ireland booth, and Reese, Mom, and I had teriyaki beef from the East Asia booth. Then, we walked around a bit more, looked at a few more things, then headed back to the hotel for a much needed nap. Friday night and Saturday nap time, Reese slept in her own bed! She was in the 2 bed room with me, and we each had our own bed. She refused to sleep alone in it again after those 2 times, but it was pretty impressive just the same. After the nap, we went and ate at a Shogun near our hotel, which Dad actually suggested. Dad, who doesn't like Asian food, suggested Shogun. Yes, keel over with me. LOL. Anyway, we ate there. Reese always eats great at those places. Japanese steak houses and Cracker Barrel, she eats awesomely at. And if you really knew Reese and her eating habits, you would know how impressive this is. After that, we went outlet shopping. :) Reese and Dad got a new pair of Crocs, Mom got some new clothes and a new purse, I got some new sunglasses, as did Reese, we got Reese a duffel bag for the trip to Colorado in June, that matches her stroller, Dad got some new work shoes, and he and Mom got chocolate from the Fudgery. All in all, it was a pretty good day. We went back to the hotel, I showered, and we all passed out, more or less.

Check back soon for Day 2 of our Branson trip. And posts EVERY DAY IN MAY!

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