Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Branson, Missouri- Day 2

The next day in Branson, we went back to Silver Dollar City and rode some more rides, including 3 we hadn't rode the day before: the Tea Cups, the roller coaster, and the swinging boat, all of which Reese loved. We then went and ate clear across the park because that was where the Zunyi Acrobats of China were performing. We bought Reese a calico cat puppet on a string that I am still trying to untangle. *sigh* The acrobats were amazing. Most of them spoke next to no English, but their performance was awesome. They hung off of poles with just their legs or a leg, 7 or 8 women rode around on a single bike, and they did lots of flips, etc., through jump ropes. It was great, and Reese loved it. Mom says we are never getting Reese a bike or a jump rope now. LOL. Almost makes me wish I'd stayed in gymnastics when I was little.
After that, we went back up the HUGE hill to the entrance, picked up my and Reese's name plates we had made (they had my name premade, but Reese's had to be made). We then went back to the hotel for a nap. We slept for about an hour before Reese woke up and refused to let anyone else go back to sleep. So, by 5 pm, we were out the hotel door, the time when the alarm was supposed to go off. We went back outlet shopping. We got Mom some more clothes, a couple of glass food containers, and some other random stuff. We then went and ate at Olive Garden, where Reese and I shared a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I'll dig up a picture of that later. After that, we headed home after having lots and lots of fun. We got home about 1 in the morning.

It was a fun weekend, and we can't wait to go back. We got season passes, so it's possible. Kids Fest in in July, I believe.

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