Saturday, May 24, 2008

Growing Up

I wrote this last night in a notebook while I was thinking of Maria Sue Chapman, whom SCC will never have to threaten boyfriends for, tragically. Our prayers are with the Chapman family.

Despite the fact Reese is a good, hopefully 30, but more likely 10-13 years off of dating, I still find myself contemplating future means of torture to be used on the so-called "dates" she may one day have. I think I understand to an extent why Dad wants to dig that 6 foot deep hole in the backyard and has since I realized boys did not, in fact, have cooties. Only now, I'm more than willing to have that hole dug. Every now and then, I see fragments of the girl, the woman, Reese will one day become-in the those flirtatious charms she already possesses and uses, to the cutting looks she constantly displays that promise mischief, to the overwhelming wonder of her personality, right down to the sheer beauty she has at her disposal. And every boy I see in a 5 year range on either side of her, that could potentially be "the boyfriend", gets me to thinking about what threats of torture involving their fingers and slightly-more-important-to-them appendages may follow them hurting her when she's older. And while I plot various methods of torture that leave no evidence, at the same time, I realize that a time will come when I can't play savior and protector and punisher. When she'll want to handle it herself and, I won't want her to but will let her anyway. But for now, I can plot the castration with a rusty paring knife of any male who dares to make her cry because she gave him her heart. Because for right now, I can keep the innocence she has somehow maintained and keep the world painted in neons and pastels, where bubbles are magical, animals talk, and Prince Charming is fairly easy to come upon, wealthy, and would never do anything to even make one think the word 'divorce'. I know the world's not like that, but it can be for her- at least for a little while.

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