Saturday, May 10, 2008

Look at what we have...

Falling from the sky.

Yes, that is approximately .5 inch hail. Arkansas has been pounded 3 times or so since February with bad weather, with tornadoes in all. There have been some fatalities in each go-'round. Today is number 4, I believe. Reese and I just spent some time in the bathtub as the above was falling. We're fine, no damage, but the weather isn't out of the state yet.

Please pray for the families who have lost friends or loved ones or properties in the recent months storms, and for those who will be impacted by this storm today.

I took some awesome pictures today while we were out. We didn't go to the territory fair thing, but we did go to a Japanese steak house and to see our sister, Michelle, and family. All of those pictures are on my big camera which takes a bit longer to upload, so you'll have to wait for those.

Also, one of my pictures of the hail was just shown on a local news station! Cool! I'd show you but it tells our exact town, so sorry!

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