Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sturge-Weber Foundation Bracelets & Stickers!

SWF Wristbands and Stickers are Here!
Check it out!
Are you ready for Month of Awareness? It is here already! The wristbands and stickers have arrived. Thank you Bill Van Dinter, SWF partner and promotional vendor who gave us a great price, did a great job on both items and got them to us quickly!
Broken Windhshield
Wristbands are dark green with our website, embossed on them. They sell for $2.00 each and are available on a consignment basis. All we ask is that you send back any unsold wristbands along with the money raised.
Stickers are white with our logo, tagline, website and phone number. These are free to our partners to use as you wish to enhance your fundraising and/or awareness projects. You can also sell them for $1.00 to raise funds for the Foundation too! Just let us know your intent when you order them.
Other items you'd enjoy...
The following items are also available:
  • SWF Brochures
  • SWF Posters
  • Check it Out Cards
To order any of the the items listed, please email Bonnie Ayers at or call 800-627-5482 and include your name, mailing address and amount of each item requested.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Bonnie Ayers
Director of Development
The Sturge-Weber Foundation

May is Sturge-Weber Syndrome Awareness month, and this year, we have bracelets! They are like the Livestrong ones that were really popular 4 or 5 years ago, and they have the Sturge-Weber Foundation website address on them. All the information is above if you would like to purchase one or sell them to raise money for the SWF.


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