Monday, May 26, 2008

Prayer Request

I think we'll be fine, but tomorrow is the first day of summer break for Reese, and, as many of you know, she will be staying with me this summer, and potentially the school year. We would appreciate your prayers that this period goes well and is as little stressful as possible for both of us. I have set up a new discipline program for her, which we began last Wednesday. We have a sticker chart with 20 boxes (commonly used in school rooms), which I divide into 2 sections of 10. When she does good- listens the first time, helps, has a good personality for an extended period or in odd circumstances, goes to sleep without a fight, etc., she gets a sticker. When she wears her eye patch, she gets 2. Bribery is a marvelous thing for something a child is so resentful of doing, like that. When she gets 10 stickers, she gets to visit the treasure box, which is currently a large notecard holder. She gets to pick one thing out of the box for each 10 stickers. We're randomly collecting little things for the chest. Right now, we have a thing of bubbles, a play cell phone, rings, some gem earrings, a bracelet, ruler, an over-sized foam dice, etc. If she does something she's not supposed to, she goes in time out for 3 minutes and needless to say, doesn't get a sticker. Right now, she has 8 out of the 10 necessary stickers.

So prayers would be appreciated.


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