Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Colorado Humor

Tragically, most of this is at our mother's expense. But it's her fault for being funny. Some of it would be much more funny if I had a recording or something...but I'll take my chances.

*as we're trying to get back to our hotel from Target and approaching a light*
Me: Hey, Mom, I think that's a...
*she pulls into the left turn lane*
Me: Yup, not a road. (The "road" you would have to turn on to from the left turn lane was little more than a 3 foot long driveway and there were no U-turns.)

*as we're trying to locate our hotel after that same run to Target- Dad and Reese were back in the hotel room* *Mom takes a turn to try to get back to our hotel- or at least where she thinks it is*
*as the hotel disappears from sight*
Mom: *in a really funny tone* Where is my hotel?!? Where the h*ll is my hotel?!?
Me: *nearly snort Coca-Cola out of my nose because the way she said it was so funny*

*after eating at the Delectable Egg*
Mom: Well, that wasn't what I expected.
Me: What do you mean?
Mom: I was expecting more like Waffle House...but for eggs.
Dad and Me: *this look that clearly says 'you thought what?'*

*for days after getting to feed a chipmunk at Estes Park*
Reese: I want to see mouses and mices.

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