Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Colorado: Part 2

Reese and Mom on the llamas. (Reese loved the llamas.)

Dad in the pharaoh hat I put him in at the gift shop.

Family on a llama.

Reese and I with Flat Scott and Flat Panda at the Nature and Science Museum.

Dad talking about how many missiles or bombs the F-4 could carry. I believe the final tally was 15 or 16.

The T-Rex

The poor mummy

Playing with the stroller at the Museum

One of the old hangers

Dad and an F-4. It was actually an F-4E, which was one later model than what Dad worked on, but hey, take what you can get.

Reese and Mom in the kids area at the Wings Over The Rockies Museum

Looking for the gun on the F-4

After the send-off party, we went back to the hotel for a nap. Yup, we're really exciting, aren't we? After that, we got up and went to find dinner. We ended up finding Lowry Air Force Base, where Dad went to technical training last '67, early '68, where Dad fell in love with Colorado. It's now a really nifty neighborhood. Some of the old buildings have been kept, like one of the old hangers houses the Wings Over The Rockies Museum. Some have been transformed into schools or housing. The only way you can tell in some instances is that the old numbering is still on the sides. After exploring Lowry a bit, we headed back towards our hotel and ate Mexican food at La Mariposa. We then went to Walgreens to burn the pictures off of the memory card on my camera to a disk, so I could delete them off. It worked out well.

Friday, we went back to Lowry AFB to visit the Wings Over The Rockies Museum. Dad had a lot of fun. He loves looking at old planes and talking about them, particularly his "baby", the F-4D. It was pretty cool to look at (they had Star Wars stuff too!), but watching Dad was probably more fun than looking at the planes.

After that, we went and ate at the Delectable Egg. It was good. Then, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I was so excited about this. I remembered it to some extent from when I was about 8, the last time we went to Colorado. I loved it. You walk in and there's this HUGE T-Rex skeleton. We rented a stroller for $1 for Reese, which was a good idea. I loved the Egyptian area, the same area I loved when I was littler. Some of you may know I am fascinated by Egypt, and if there was any money to be found in Egyptology, I would be pursuing that in college. They had some awesome areas of stuffed animals, like real animals not plushies. Reese thought that was cool. They also had a big area fossils, over 20,000 square feet! It was a really awesome museum. We don't have anything like that here in Arkansas.

More to come!

P.S. Sorry the pictures are so out of order. And some may be kind of grainy. No idea why, they aren't like that on Snapfish.

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