Friday, June 27, 2008

Going to Memphis

Reese with Bowie

We're heading to Memphis Monday evening for Reese's appointment with Dr. Saleen on Tuesday. They're going to do an EUA (exam under anesthesia) for her glaucoma. There's a possibility of a valve implant surgery coming up at some point. We'll have follow-up appointment on Wednesday, and then we head home. My laptop is on the fritz (still), even after I sent it in to HP for a repair. I've spent too much time on the phone with computer techs this week to care to call Wal-Mart and get a case number to be able to send the darn thing in. So my internet connectivity while we're Memphis will most likely be limited to none. I will update as soon as we get home though.

Also, Reese's laser was rescheduled. She's now going to have her 8th laser treatment on August 12th.

Also, I'm still raising funds for the Sturge-Weber Foundation. There's a widget on the upper left corner of the blog. Any donations would be awesome. :)

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