Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Found A Puppy

We came home Tuesday evening to a puppy sitting on a stack of pine needles at the base of one of our trees. The first thing Dad said was "we can't keep it". So, I set about finding a place to take him, where he could be adopted and loved. Well, we found out recently about a place in our area called All About Labs. Typically they rescue and rehab dogs, primarily labs and golden retrievers, but they have agreed to take the puppy we found.

However, we have to keep him until some time this weekend when they will have room for him. So, since I'm going to have him for another 2-3 days, I decided I can't keep calling him "puppy". So he is now called Bowie, after David Bowie. He's a light blonde, and he has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye, like David Bowie. Now, I know one of David Bowie's eyes isn't really brown, just permanently dilated, but hey. It works as a name. I'm just glad he has a good place to go now, and they will find him a good home.

How do I know this? Because they do serious screenings for placing their dogs. You'd think you were adopting from China. Well, not quite, but hey. There's a pretty hefty adoption price, plus a $10 fee just to put in your application. Sound familiar, but on a mucho smaller scale? LOL. They ask about your house, if you own or rent it, what monthly flea/heartworm medicine do you/will you use, can we do a house visit. It's intense.

But, I know he'll find a home with people that can love him and care for him. I believe he ended up where he was so we could put him into a situation to stay in the best possible situation he could be in to live forever. Until we have to take him to AAL, I'm going to love him and take care of him, because nothing helps an animal more than a good start. He's so sweet and lovable, and young, he'll find a home in no time. :)

UPDATE (08/21/08):
Dear Anonymous Commenter (who isn't even bold enough to post his/her/it's rude comments with an actual NAME!),

For your information, we did try to find the puppy's home. I posted on several lost pets websites online, and she was outside on our front porch- not exactly hidden away for no one who was looking for him to find him. And we had her for 5 or 6 days after we found her, which I would think would be enough time for a person driving around looking for their puppy to find it.

So, quite frankly, you can leave me the heck alone. One, it's none of your business, two, you don't know the situation like you seem to think you do, and three, Bowie has found a home on the east coast. End of story. Get on with your life and find something to do that actually has some benefit to society.


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