Friday, July 4, 2008

First College Interview

First off, happy Fourth of July everyone!

Now, secondly, I forgot to mention earlier this week that I had my first college interview on Monday. It was over the phone, as the college is in Colorado. I have applied to the Art Institute of Colorado, and it was my first interview. Danielle (the admissions lady who talked to us) said she would right up a letter of recommendation to go in my file! Yay! Right now, it's looking very promising that this time next year I will either be in Colorado or packing up to go. I plan to major in Photography if I go there. The only other college I am seriously considering is Hendrix College, which is here in-state.

So, are any of my dear readers out there in the Denver area? If so, I'd love advice about living out there, what clothes to bring, good places to eat, etc. I was only there a week, and nothing can replace the opinion of the people who live there.


Gary,Charity,Katie&Louis said...

How exciting! Please keep us posted. I hope you will be able to come home for visits...I know you will be missed.

Qiuqiu's parents said...

WIshing you luck with your admission! Denver is an incredible place to live, IMO! The climate is really milder than you'd think, for being in Colorado. We lived in Vail for years (also a beautiful place and a great climate, but short summers!) and here the summers are really long and the winters can be quite mild by comparison. I would bring lots of fleeces and layers for winter. The weather changes quickly and frequently. There is usually about a month of REALLY hot weather in summer, but the dry air makes the summers quite lovely in general. Good luck, and keep us posted! Happy to help if we can!


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