Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reese's Baby Book

The cover (yes, it's torn)

Her birthday card

A note on a sponsor update from when Reese was 4 months old. It says (in case you can't read it): "When KaiJin came from the orphanage they said she was a boy, so for a while we all thought she was a boy! Then after a while we figured out that she's a girl, but she still looks like a boy. When Kaijin first came she had her days and nights mixed up. She slept all day and refused to wake for feedings and diaper changes. Then she'd be up all night wanting to play!"

Her first birthday pages

Reese and her foster brother (who looks a lot like Avery Nan Rui to me, the son of the couple who we traveled to China with)

We have gotten many things through our adoption that most don't. Tons of pictures of her before we met her. Updates on her periodically as our adoption progressed. Things like that. We found out early this year, I believe it was, that Reese had a baby book. Nobody had mentioned Reese's baby book until then. It wasn't with her when we adopted her.

A fellow Shanxi (and China Care) baby's mother went to China to pick up her daughter, Lyra, and picked up Reese's baby book for us while she was there. She mailed it to us, and we got it today. This is a piece of our little girl's life most don't get. And we are extremely greatful to Robin and her family for bringing it to America for us, and to China Care for having made it. It's a pink binder with Hello Kitty stickers on it. It's got early information about her, some spreads about her 1st and 2nd birthdays, a card from a family that volunteered there (I believe) that they gave Reese, pictures of her Taiyuan foster family (the 2nd one), and a card from her 1st birthday that someone handmade for her, painted the front beautifully, and all of her nannies (I guess) wrote a note to her inside. I'm working on getting them translated. These things will be so treasured by her when she's older, and they are treasured by us now.

The funniest thing was the note on her 4 month old sponsor update. I posted it above. I find that hilarious! Mom and I were like "how long could it possibly take to figure THAT out?!?". LOL.

Special thanks to Robin and family! Hope Lyra is settling in well.

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Monica - that is fabulous! What a treasure for her :D
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