Thursday, July 24, 2008

Laser Day 2 (Belated, I know)

In her favorite shirt of mine, my "ducky" shirt. Honestly, I believe this is the shirt I wore on her Gotcha Day. I'd have to look back to be sure, but I'm 99% positive. You can see how swollen her poor little eye is.

Goofing off, trying to keep me from taking the picture. It's a good shot of her birthmark on the bottom of her foot if nothing else. LOL. And displays her onreyness.

We spent most of yesterday with Reese complaining about her right eye hurting. Not the rest of her face, not her chin where they upped the laser strength, her eye. It didn't really open all day until yesterday evening and was very watery. Mom called Dr. Buckmiller's nurse, and she said that was perfectly normal and that the longer Reese was in a vertical position, the sooner the swelling would go down. Something about being horizontal that increases swelling.

So she went through a lot of the day complaining with it, getting Tylenol at regular intervals, and, when Mom and Dad got home, walking around with an ice pack wrapped up in one of Dad's t-shirts, holding it to her eye and using it to wipe it. Up until then, my shirt had been the preferred wiping spot (I hardly own a shirt that isn't one of the softest things in the house).

Also, about the turning up the laser on her chin, I'm not sure why they did it. The underside of her chin is one of the best broken up places of her birthmark. It's persistent near her bottom lip, but there aren't any dots there. So, I don't know.

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