Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Supply Drive Update

It just occurred to me that I never posted about my China Care/True Children's Home Supply Drive on here. How did I forget to do that?!?

You can read more in depth about it here. Yes, I run that blog, too, although it's under a different email.

Basically, I am collecting needed supplies for China Care Foundation (CCF) and True Children's Home (TCH). Needed items include infant Tylenol and Motrin (or the generics thereof), triple antibiotic cream, hydrocortisone cream, Preemie ANYTHING, regular replacement nipples, diapers for TCH (CCF has a special non-disposable diaper they use on everyone but preemie babies), clothes from preemie to 4T (for TCH, CCF has a mass amount), wipes (for TCH, same reason as the clothes), diaper rash ointment, infant towels, waterproof crib pads, bibs, pacifiers and clips, Fer-In-Sol supplement drops, Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron supplement drops, oral rehydration powders, development toys that do not have small pieces or need batteries, Similac Neosure Advance powder formula, Nestle Stage 1 and 2 powder formula, and much more.

Baby bottles, clothes, shoes, and jackets/coats that are USED may be donated if they are in excellent condition, like your child only wore that cute jacket once and outgrew it, you have tons of baby bottles left over from those years that hardly look used, etc.

If you would like to donate items please email me.

I am now setting a deadline for donations of the end of September for this go-'round. I'd like to send the donations in in honor of Reese's 4th birthday, to CCF for the wonders they did for her in China, and to TCH as their affiliate.

Needs list can be reached directly here: CCF and TCH.

Thank you so much!

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