Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News And Stuff

Mom is doing better. Her arm still hurts, unsurprisingly, but all things considered, she's doing well. She goes to her post-op appointment on Monday and should be able to go back to work on light-light duty after that. She also gets the staples out on Monday. Apparently, from what I hear, it was a very ugly surgery. No one anticipated it having gotten that much worse since April, but it had.

Reese is having a laser treatment on Tuesday, we found out today. Apparently, they had a cancellation, and they called us to ask if we could make it. Sure. We'll be there. So, stay tuned for that event, if you're interested.

Reese says some of the funniest things. Here are some Reese-isms.

We put Reese in the back of our truck when we unload things from Wal-Mart, so she can help push them to the tailgate where we can get them. Last Friday, I came outside to her asking to be put up in the back.

Me: I hear you want up.
Reese: Yup. *as I'm putting her in the back of the truck* I'm just doing my job. *said very proudly and matter-of-fact*

Reese: *after her eye drops* I want to put them in the kitty's eye, for pretend. You hold her, she won't stay still.
Me: *holding the poor victim, er, I mean cat, and praying I don't get clawed to death, and being highly impressed when Chi-Chi actually stays still and keeps her eyes open for the "eye drops"*

Reese: One day, when I'm big, I can wear your clothes?
Me: You already do. (She raids my clothes from time to time for stuff to run around in.)

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