Monday, July 14, 2008

Night Terrors?

Reese periodically has what we figure are night terrors. They were somewhat commonplace right after we got home, but as she's settled in, become less and less- a rare occurance. Well, she's having one right now. She's screaming, crying, resists being held, eyes closed the whole time. Night terrors? Maybe, we don't know. We have noticed something of a trend, though. Reese sometimes asks to watch videos from China. It's usually a random request. She talks about "her China" a lot, so you would sit here and think "sure, why not?". However, Mom just noted that she had one of these terrors, or whatever it is, after she went to bed the last time she watched video clips we filmed in China. So I guess we stop letting her watch them for the time being. It's seems like it may be something of trigger for this sleep disturbance.

Anyone have any advice? Experiences? Thoughts on whether or not this is night terrors?


Anonymous said...

The movies could be a trigger. My children (Lana included) all had them when they did not have good naps and got overstimulated all day with no rest period. Making note of day and terrors may help you find the pattern, but I would start with the no China videos for now. Sounds like a good game plan.

Charlotte said...

Raeghan was the only one to have the night terrors and they would be random and unconsoleable. She used to even have them during the day at the daycare and they would have to take her outside during naptime to keep her from waking the other kids. She eventually stopped having them. Come to think of it now, Rachael had some episodes when she first came home where she would arch her back and nothing would console her, then she would collapse in my arms. Haven't had that in a while now. Riley only did the major head rocking thing, no terrors. I think time is the best medicine.

Charlotte and crew


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