Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sorta PhoBloDay/ Laser Treatment

8:30 AM- Sissy's bed. Up and at 'em! Got to get ready to go.

9:30 AM- In my car seat about to leave home for the hospital. I have not had my chocolate milk sippy cup, and, as I told Sissy, "my tummy is empty".

11:00 AM- Mommy playing around, pretending to be a fish for me to catch on my "line", a.k.a. the cord for my "E.T. Finger", a.k.a the pulse-ox

11:30 AM- Playing with the privacy curtain in my pre-op room

12:00 PM (Noon)- Mom in the "Bunny Suit", as they call it. She looks funny. She had to wear this to go back with me (Reese).

2:30 PM- Sissy went and got all 3 of us black cherry snow cones. Yummy!

~4:30 PM- Playing around with my high heels (which you can't see in this picture)

~5:00 PM- Daddy gets home!

5:30 PM- Playing with Daddy's Flashlight (All Spotted After the Laser)

6:00 PM- DINNER! Spaghetti, Yum, Yum.

7:00 PM
Sitting at the computer waiting for it to finish copying her new TaiChi CD- Thank You, Grandma Debbie!

Reese had her 8th facial laser today. We opted to only do her face this time, instead of her legs too, because we're going to a wedding in Fort Smith this weekend for our aunt. Mom took her back to the OR with the help of a nurse and stayed with her until she passed out. I held her through her fit in recovery. They cranked up the laser on her chin, so it hurt more than usual, but she didn't have the IV to be upset about this time, as she wasn't under for more than 20 minutes or so. She was not a happy camper, at any rate. After we got out of the recovery room, though, she calmed down very quickly. My arm hurt something awful courtesy of holding her while she was leaning and being upset, and eventually carrying her bridal style, but it's feeling somewhat better now. For a while there, it protested any use.

After the surgery, while we were sitting outside, she asked me what that smell was. I said, "What smell?". "That smell under my nose." I blinked for a minute, and remembered. She smelled burnt. She'd never noticed it before. So I said, gently as possible, "Honey, it's you- But it will go away soon."

She's also a little upset about the spots. She always is for a little while after the procedure- worried they won't go away.

That may be all of today's PhoBloDay, as we're all exhausted and plotting how early we can go to bed- save for Reese. But there will be other PhoBloDays, make no mistake.

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