Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Baby" Sitting

Playing with Dad's helmet

Kaci showing Reese how to use her camera phone

Goofing off...

Is not an accurate word, considering I'm watching a 12 (almost) year old and a 6.5 year old (I think those are the right ages), and my 3 year old sister. I'm watching my niece and nephew today. Reese and Brandon get along brilliantly. They're pretty goofy separately, but together, they're hilarious.

Reese and Brandon found our dad's old racing helmet, and they got downright goofy with it. Brandon wore it, too, but I never caught a picture of him in it. Reese also got Kaci to show her how to use the camera on her phone (Reese LOVES cameras, particularly on phones), and she ran around taking pictures with it for a few minutes. Brandon and Reese also discussed cats' various methods of defense (Reese: "they gots teeth and they will BITE you!" Brandon: "Man, those are some big claws."- talking about our kittens, Chi-Chi and Elsie), and Brandon told Reese about the various kinds of big cats and compared them to house cats. Now, they're pretending Reese is a princess...with a basket on her head, her flapper dress on, and a Wolverine claw on her hand...LOL. Brandon is trying to convince her that a princess needs a guard. I may actually get to watch some adult TV today, :). All this in the 1.5 hours since Reese got up.

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