Sunday, August 17, 2008

Justin's 9th birthday party

Reese, Grandma Debbie, and Baby Caroline

Reese going up the steps to the slide

Me, Baby Caroline, and Grandma Debbie

Reese at Justin's birthday party last year (Aug. 2007)

Aug. 2008- See how much hair she has now!

After a butterfly
Eating cake...

We went up to the area where our mom's family lives yesterday for our cousin, Justin's, birthday party. He had it at a local park, and it was a Kung Fu Panda party. It was at the same park they had it at last year, when Reese was so little and still new to it all. So, you can really see how she's grown. She had quite a bit of fun once she warmed up to it all. Fortunately, it wasn't your typical Arkansas August weather (which is HOT! and muggy), it was cool with a bit of a breeze. It warmed up a bit as the day went on, and if you were in the sun, but it was really decent for August in Arkansas.

Reese also had her first trip independently. She went with our Papa Jim and Granny Barb to see miniature ponies- without Mom or me! We put her car seat in Papa Jim's truck and off they went. They beat us to Granny and Papa Thacker's house, seeing as we stopped at Taco Bell because I was about to gnaw someone's arm off. That was a really big deal, though, as she'd never gone any where alone with anyone aside from me, Mom, Dad, or Grandma (for short periods). She'd probably go with Grandma Debbie, but it's never been done.

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