Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Is The Post I Would've Posted Yesterday...

If I could have.

We're running on a generator right now. Who would've thought that living in Arkansas we would have to deal with the effects of a hurricane? I said we were wet on Tuesday. I lied. Tuesday night and Wednesday gave whole new meaning to wet. We have been without electricity since 5 am yesterday morning. And there's no telling when it will be back on. Depressing doesn't begin to cover it. We're really grateful for the generator. Very grateful. I can't emphasize that enough. But being without power is a very stressful experience. Even with the power we have from the generator. It's a stressful, exhausting experience. And I realize we don't have the worst of it, not by far.

But there's the update.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, just imagine-what we had was tropical depression type stuff. There is tropical storm and then 5 levels of hurricane - 5 levels- before it downgrades to what we got! I can't imagine! YUCK!


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