Friday, October 31, 2008

Gas Is Certainly Dropping

This is a picture from 1 week ago (last Friday) at the gas station near our house. I remember thinking 'I wanna take a picture in case I never see this again'. So I did. I meant to post it before now, but life got in the way. The same gas station is now selling regular gasoline for $2.25 (and 9/10, as you know). If we drove a few miles away, we could get gas for $2.16. My brother said he saw gas in Jacksonville for $1.98.

All I can say is: wow.

I wasn't sure I would see gas this cheap again. And the tragic thing is, I call this cheap. My dad used to be able to pay a dime or a quarter for full-service gas stations when he was my age. For you 'young'uns' out there, full-service is where someone pumps your gas for you, washes your windows, and sometimes checks your tires and oil levels.

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