Monday, November 3, 2008

Reese's 4th Birthday Party- Image Heavy

She always had more trouble getting out of the foam pit.

I just love this shot of Raeghan...

Mid-air shot of Anna-Marie...

My nephew Jonathan. I just love his face here, even if the focus isn't so great.

She would not jump into the foam pit from this bar, but she would from the blue mat the instructor is sitting on.

Playing on the obstacle course. Making a beeline for that blue trampoline...

Mid-Air shot...
Reese opening the pink 'qatar' (guitar) that our big sis Michelle and family got her (she tries to play it by the way, Michelle. She loves it.)

The bath and body works stuff Joanie got her (she wants it sprayed on her all the time).

The doll Anna-Marie and Savannah got her...

The magnetic dolls Raeghan, Riley, Rachael, and family got her

The purse and accessories Cade, Maggie, and Kennedi and family got her.

Listening to happy birthday being sung...


Group Shot! Back row: Brandon, Riley, Reese, Jonathan, and Kaci, Center Row: Cade, Maggie, Raeghan, and Rachael, Front Row: Anna-Marie and Savannah

Reese had her 4th birthday "friend" party at River City Gymnastics. She had a ball. For those of you who don't know, she actually turned 4 on October 8th, but due to not knowing the dates of a few family things, we couldn't have her party until November 1. She loved the trampoline, we had to make her get off of it so others could have a chance. She also loved the presents (but what kid doesn't?). She had a great time, and I think the other kids did too. A special thanks to everyone who came, and a special thanks for the presents.

Also, on November 1, my brother, Scott, proposed to his girlfriend, Meaghan. Their 1st date was a bit over 3 years ago. She said 'yes'! So I now have a future sister-in-law. Marriage date is not set, they're still working out how they want to work that since Meaghan is still in college.


As I said before, Reese loves the trampoline. I think we may have a future trampoline gymnast Olympian on our hands, lol.

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