Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Reese!

Looking at her doctor's kit.

Her tragic is it that my Chinese looks better than my English?

Just saw her bike...

Riding (slowly)

Letting Daddy put on her Disney Princesses helmet

With her new lip glosses...

Today is Reese's 4th birthday. Though we celebrated last night, due to Wednesdays having RCIA classes, and, well, it was her birthday in China, LOL. She didn't mind. She got her presents early. :)

She got a bike, a helmet with knee pads, a Hello Kitty stationary set, a doctor kit, and a set of 12 lip glosses. She was thrilled. She also got to help me make her strawberry (and therefore very pink) birthday cake. I wrote 'happy birthday' in Chinese. Sheng ri kuai le. She loved the cake.

The pictures make her out to be significantly more confident on her bicycle than she is. But it's new, what do you expect? Personally, I think she's doing pretty well for having had it for 24 hours- she hasn't fallen off yet. That's an awful perspective, but it's true. Though, I was a bit rougher on my bike when I first started learning, and therefore fell in a relatively prompt manner. Of course, I was 6 or 7. She's excited to have her bike. She's wanted one since she first realized Wal-Mart sold them. About a week after she got home.

She's grown so much in the last year. Her hair has gotten so much longer. It grows like crazy. Takes after Mom and me, LOL. Since we got her, she's grown 4 inches and 8 lbs. Last year, this time, she was still wearing 24 months and 2Ts. Now, she's wearing 4T pants and 3T-4T tee shirts. She's gone up from a 4/5 Croc to a size 8 shoe. Oh and the outfit she's wearing is one we bought in Taiyuan, in China.

This is her back in March in the same shirt.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Reese. Love the pictures and her gorgeous smile. What a cutie.


Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Happy Birthday!
Looks like it was a good one!
Ladybug hugs,

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much older she is looking!! You all have done such a wonderful job giving her the best childhood any child could ever want... nothing like the little girl I met in China.
Congrat to you all
Happy Birthday... sorry I am late
Jamie Brooks
Chesapeake, VA


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