Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Turned 18, And...

Got kidney stones. :( Seriously, that's almost how it went. I started cramping at 11 pm Friday night, 1 hour before it was the 20th. And I cramped solidly from then through Saturday (and I still am, actually). I tried ibuprofen, tried heat, didn't help. Mom was going to take Reese to the After Hours Clinic because she's been sounding like someone needed to donate her a lung most of the week (starting after her laser). At first, we figured it was just something caused by the anaesthesia or whatnot. So I decided to tag along and see if we could get my cramps looked at.

Well, the After Hours PEDIATRIC Clinic only takes kids 17 and under, never mind that Pediatricians will see kids until 19 or 21, depending. So, we went ahead and got Reese signed in, and I walked over to the ER across the way (same hospital). I looked in and went 'heck no'. Not alone. It was scary, let's leave it there. So we finally got back with Reese, and my pain started spiking, and moving to my back, by my spine. So Mom called Dad to come up there. We decided Dad could stay with Reese, and Mom would take me to Children's Hospital's ER, where they would take me (we called to check).

Over the course of the night, we discovered Reese has pneumonia (and got 2 shots and 2 medications to bring home and take- Amoxicillan, and something that starts with a V), and I had a urinanalysis, x-rays, was palpated, and had a CT scan (new experience there). And got to swallow this disgusting cocktail of Maalox, Benedryl, and Lidocaine. Roughly an ounce of it, I think. It was gross, and made my mouth numb...and then everything below there numb at one time or another. And I hate feeling numb. It's just...*shudder*. They did that to make sure it wasn't an acid reflux thing or something of that sort.

I left last night with the assumption it was some acid thing because someone had decided it wasn't kidney stones.

Well, this morning they called my mom to say I did have a small one. So I'm being told to drink LOTS so I pee LOTS, and hopefully pass it. Or so I've been told. ;) Mom's gonna go pick me up some good pain meds later.

So yeah, awesome 18th birthday. LOL. I have kidney stones, and Reese has pneumonia.

Oh well, the cake is awesome. Even if I didn't get to eat it until this morning. :)


Beth Gore said...

Sorry to hear about you and Reese! That just stinks. It's one more thing we have in common ... on my 18th birthday, I woke up with Chicken Pox from head to toe... happy birthday to ME! ugh (I had kidney stones at 16.) Hugs to you, Beth Gore

Stacey said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope you and Reese both recover quickly. Not a nice way to celebrate your 18th birthday....I hope you are able to eat cake and celebrate the right way soon :)

Anonymous said...

I am little slow in keeping up with blogs during the holidays and finally got over here. Happy 18th birthday, but truly sorry about your kidney stones and Reese's pnuemonia. I hope that you both are fully recovered and that 2009 will be a full and good year for you and your family.



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