Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!

(All delayed-like)

Between being sick and the holidays, I just haven't felt like posting. Of course, for about a week there while I was on pain meds, just looking at a computer or TV screen was nauseating. Reese has since been said to be cured of her pneumonia, and we're still not sure if I've passed my stone yet or not. To my knowledge, I have not. But those things can get pretty tiny, I may just not have noticed. I don't know. But back to Christmas...

Reese understood the whole thing better this year. Last year, it was sort of like 'what the heck?' with her. She understood the presents...didn't get much else. Kind of like her birthday party in 2007. But obviously, with time comes knowledge. And this year, Santa was well-known. Please ignore how awful I look in the Christmas morning pictures. :D Thank you. LOL.

Reese got a Lite Brite, a bear, a puzzle of the USA, Candy Land, a Disney Princess Memory Game, a new outfit, a Strawberry Shortcake DVD, and a Care Bears DVD from Santa. I think that's all. I got a Lite Brite, a new pair of Happy Bunny pajamas, 2 new pairs of jeans, a Brokeback Mountain DVD, a The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor DVD, and a Pedipaws, that I am still trying to understand fully. Sadly, I need a cat volunteer to practice on.. :O From Santa, of course. ; )

That afternoon, we went to lunch with some friends of our's at a local Chinese place that is open on Christmas. Kim and Bryan have been going there for Christmas lunch for like 8 years now, since before they got their oldest daughter, Anna-Marie. So we ate lunch with them, their younger daughter, Savannah; and Rich and Jane and her parents, along with their kids, Cade, and Maggie, and Kennedi. Both of the girls are adopted from China. It was fun, it was yummy. I love that Chinese restaurant.

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