Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Laser Treatment

Reese had another laser treatment today. Her second on her left leg, and her 9th on her face. Dad and I went to Children's today with her, driving Mom to work and going through the ice. It was all good until they got to the OR, at which time Reese got quite upset about the whole idea as I understand. Dad carried her back, and held her until she passed out.

They came and got us as soon as she woke up because she came out screaming and crying, like usual. We just had unusually empathetic nurses and anasthesiologists. Usually they're all like 'oh she's throwing a fit', when she's screaming 'owie' and 'it hurts', and crying and screaming. This nurse felt bad for her, and when I asked if she had a Rx for Tylenol 3, she said no, this says for her to take Tylenol OTC. And I said, with her face, that would work, but with her legs, OTC pain killers don't cut it, could you please call Dr. Buckmiller and ask for a Rx? She did and within 20 minutes, if that, we had a Rx for Tylenol 3. Thank God. Reese was screaming and crying and almost cradling her leg, keeping it off the ground as much as possible. She still says it hurts to bend it, so she walks around on her toes on that leg. But the nurse felt awful for her, and asked the anasthesiologist if there was something they could give her, like Fenatol (sp?). The anasthesiologist agreed and went to get the stuff for it, and they gave it to her. It goes up the nose, like a nose spray. Within probably 10 minutes, she was becoming noticeably calmer, obviously in less pain, although she was far from pain free, I'm sure, but it took off the edge. We were told to next time have them give her that Pre-Op, instead of Tylenol OTC, or give her an IV. They think it will work better, give her less pain post-op.

The nurses in PACU were awesome. If we could have that same group every time, we would. That was by far the best PACU experience we've had thus far at Children's.

I'll try to keep this updated about her laser.

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