Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Birthday Party

We went up to D-ville for a December birthday celebration with our Mom's side of the family. A lot of our family has birthdays in December, so we went up there to celebrate together. Our uncle Jeff (Mom's brother) had a birthday on the 12th, Papa had his on the 14th, our brother, Scott, is on the 15th, Mom is the 17th, and I'm on the 20th. So we went up there and saw family and had cake. Which was yummy.

Not on Mom's side of the family, we have some other birthdays. Our sister Michelle was born on the 13th, and my niece, Brittany, was born on the 3rd. That may not be it, but those are the only two I can remember.

And for once, I actually love those pictures of me. :) I recently discovered Bare Minerals, and I love it so much. And apparently, it makes me look better in pictures too. :D

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