Monday, January 19, 2009

Dentist Appointment

Reese had her first dentist visit today. Things have just happened since we got her, language barrier, and all, and we just hadn't gotten her in until today.

So she went and got her teeth cleaned today. She has a large cavity in a back tooth and few smaller ones in other teeth. They're going to try and fill the small ones and see how she does and if she does okay, they'll do that bigger one. Otherwise, we're going to have to take her to a different dentist and have it done all at once with her knocked out. We're hoping for the former. She did really well, didn't cry or anything. Although, they couldn't get any X-rays because they'd put the X-ray material in and when she closed her mouth, she'd gag. Guess her mouth is too little.

But anyway, for right now she's obsessed with brushing and flossing. We'll see how long that lasts.

She did incredibly well, though, for a child who won't open her mouth for the doctor to see her tonsils.

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Pixel Fairy Princess said...

POOR thing! A cavaity - I am SO so sorry - I really wish that she didn't have to go through that ;-(
Ladybug hugs,


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