Friday, January 23, 2009

First "Professional" Haircut

Mom suggested to Reese that we go and get her bangs trimmed. Reese decided she wanted more. She wanted it cut. Short (ish). So we went and, for the first time in and had a professional hair cut. Her hair hasn't really been cut in the nearly 20 months we've had her, other than having her bangs trimmed at home by Mom (and me, once).

We showed Reese the book with some styles, and she found one she liked, and we showed it to the lady. She cut Reese's hair, and she was a bit nervous, but it was her first time. And we were kind of concerned that she would cut it, and Reese would freak about it not being long any more. No, she's thrilled about it. And it's cute. It makes her look so big.

What do you think?


Stacey said...

I love her hair! Just in time for Chinese New Year (you are supposed to have a hair cut...)

Watch my blog...we are all getting our hair cut today too :)

Annie said...

I agree, it looks cute. And she looks so happy with her new cut!


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