Monday, January 5, 2009

Mission Trip To China

As of, well, tonight, I am planning on going to China with Beth Gore, who is a mom of another little girl from Shanxi, Zoe. Zoe was also cared for by China Care. I am planning on going on something of a mission trip with Beth and a few others, that is called SHOES, Sharing Hope for Orphans and Every Soul. We'll be going to Beijing, and then to Shanxi, to Taiyuan, where both Reese and Zoe are from. In Shanxi, we will be visiting the Taiyuan SWI, the Taiyuan China Care Home (two places that hold a big piece of Reese's history, that we did not get to see), and then the Linfen SWI, also in Shanxi, and taking supplies to them- bottles, formula, medicines, etc.

The plan currently is to go March 13- 22, 2009. I need to raise $3000, and soon. $2000 roughly for travel expenses- airlines, food in China, hotels, etc., and $1000 to spend on supplies in China. The $1000 is to be spent on supplies that are available in China, often for cheaper than they are here, and that we don't have to transport over seas. I hope to, not only be able to help some of the children left behind, but to be able to take pictures of where Reese is from, relive it, and refresh that memory, and create new memories. This is important to me on so many levels.

Also, if you would rather make a tax deductible donation to help with costs of this trip, you may do so through SHOES. They have information to the right of the page about being a sponsor. You can make your donation through PayPal or a check to Destiny's House. Please note that it is a donation for Monica, if you do choose this route. I just wanted to make the tax deductible route known to everyone. I didn't know about it until today (01.08.2009).

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