Friday, January 2, 2009

2008: A Year Gone By

2008 was a big year. Reese has grown so much in the last year. Since we got her in May 2007, she has grown 6 inches and gain 14 lbs. She now has a butt! ;)

In January 2008, our dad had a prostatectomy to remove his prostate, which had been found to have cancer. It was the longest time Reese had been away from her Mom and Dad, only seeing them for short periods for a bit over 2 days, I think it was. She didn't like it.

In February 2008, our sister, Michelle, had her son, Jonathan, and our aunt Mandy had her daughter, my mom's brother's daughter, Caroline. It was also the start of a massive tornado season in Arkansas. For several months, we had some kind of weather issue (thunderstorm, tornado, etc.) at least every 3 to 4 days. So, yeah, Reese and I spent a lot of time in the bathtub.

March 2008, I participated in the local St. Patrick's Day parade with my Irish dance school.

In April 2008, Mom was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, and the long process to get it fixed started (Workman's Comp can take forever), and my cat, Chen Le, turned 4.

May 2008, we celebrated Reese's 1 year Gotcha Day, and Reese began staying home with me during the day.

June 2008, we went to Colorado for me to participate in a summer program at a college I am looking into going to.

In July, Mom had her rotator cuff surgery, and our aunt Dixie got married to Scott.

In August 2008, we had a pretty quiet month.

In September, Dad had a birthday.

In October 2008, Reese turned 4, and our kittens, Chi-Chi and Elsie, turned 2. I was diagnosed with stress fractures in my left foot, which kept me from dancing for over a month, but I went to practice every week anyway.

In November, I was cleared to dance, just in time for the Ozark Mountains Feis.

In December, we went to Florida for the Southern Region Oireachtas, where I competed in a 4-hand. I turned 18, Mom had a birthday, our brother, Scott, turned 24, and our sister, Michelle, had a birthday. So did our uncle and great-grandfather. I was diagnosed with a kidney stone, and Reese was diagnosed with pneumonia.

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amy said...

Ok you have been busy this year..I pray you have a stress free joyful 2009


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