Tuesday, February 24, 2009

17 Days To China!

In 17 days, I leave for China on a mission trip with Destiny's Houses-SHOES. We're going to Beijing and Taiyuan. The exact itinerary is still a little up in the air. We are going to the Great Wall and Tianenmen Square and the Forbidden City, along with the Taiyuan SWI and Linfen SWI. We, sadly, won't be able to visit the Taiyuan China Care Home because it won't be open at that time. There's some possibility we may be able to visit the Beijing China Care Home, and possibly a few other places in Shanxi. I'm hoping to do some shopping, too. :P I'd like to maybe find a few more things in Shanxi, and get Reese some more Chinese dresses. We didn't get a lot the first go-round.

We're still down about $1300, working to raise that. If you'd like to donate, you can see more information about doing that at the Destiny's House website. I'm also selling AVON.

17 days! Eeek! So excited!

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