Monday, March 2, 2009

Brandon and Jonathan's Birthday Party

We recently went to our nephews', Brandon and Jonathan, birthday party. Brandon turned 7, and Jonathan turned 1. They shared a party at a local skating rink. And from the looks (and sounds) of things, it won't be our last trip there. Reese loved skating. I, for one, am a much more able rollerblader. Or at least I was when I actually skated with any regularity and owned my own skates. Roller skates, with 4 wheels in a square, are much more complicated in my mind. It feels like you're going 4 directions at once. It was a fun party. I skated some, but not nearly as much as Reese. I have too much pride to want to fall on my butt in front of everyone if I don't have to. :P Reese had to use skates that adjusted at the bottom and attached to your shoes because her feet were so little. Even baby Jonathan and our niece Sierra (who will be 2 in June) skated!

Pictures will come later. just ate the slideshow I had...

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