Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ozark Mountains Feis 2009

We went up to Branson, Missouri, Friday night to go to my dance school's Ozark Mountains Feis. It was the 4th OMF, but the 1st in Branson. The last 3 had been in Fort Smith, and this year we moved up into the actual Ozark Mountains. The place where we used to have the OMF will now be hosting the River Valley Feis. The first one will be November of this year.

We helped set up Friday night, and then Saturday, I danced. We didn't get to go our local FCC's Chinese New Year celebration because I had this feis, but what can you do? We knew the date of the OMF before we knew the date of the CNY party.

I won 1 gold, and 3 silvers, out of 6 dances. So I had a good day.

On our way up, we went through a lot of the damage caused by the ice storm that hit Northwest Arkansas pretty hard. Many are still without power. And based on how many busted light poles we saw and snapped lines, I can see why. Some places that didn't have power when we went up were lit back up when we were on our way home, fortunately.

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