Friday, February 13, 2009

Surgery Update

Dad's still in the hospital. This 3 day stay has become a 5 day, will be at least 6 day stay, as he won't be coming home until at least tomorrow. Reese and I are really missing having the folks around. Especially Reese. She really doesn't like them being gone. She had a breakdown last night, after we had to leave them, so I didn't even take her up there tonight, at Mom's request. Hoping to avoid another meltdown. She'll have to go up there with me tomorrow though, I suppose.

He's doing okay. Everything has finally woken up. He's getting to eat real food now, carefully, and everything is coming out of the appropriate orifices. So...hopefully tomorrow.

Reese and I really want them home. And Mom and Dad really want to be home.

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