Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Full Day In China

Friday was our last full day in China. We spent it buying shoes, socks, and appliances. Which doesn't sound nearly as technical as it was. However, we managed to get 160 pairs of shoes for 18 yuan or less a piece. We donated 160 pairs of shoes, socks, 3 washing machines, 3 refrigerators, 2 strollers, and some other random baby stuff to the Taiyuan SWI. Buying appliances in China is not easy. You can't buy the floor model, sometimes they're out of stock of what they have on the floor, and some things have special prices for rural people. It's interesting. Thank God for translators.

We stayed out until roughly 4 pm and had dinner at the Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Shanxi Grand. And experienced our first bit of real "weather" in China. We had a short thunderstorm in Shanxi Friday night. It was kind of nifty. Then, we went back up the rooms, and Andrea, Beth, and Melanie all went and got massages, and I had alone time. Which I needed badly. I'm not used to being around people all the time. So it was nice to be alone for a bit.

Then we got ready to leave. Had to repack things, and make sure breakables were adequately wrapped. Or at least hopefully adequately wrapped. Mine, fortunately, were. They all made it to Dallas safely. Anyway, I'll post about Saturday later.

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