Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay, Maybe She Does Watch Too Much TV...

Before I continue on to tell all of you about my Saturday, before I came home and as I arrived, I have to share this. Proof my sister probably sees too much TV. Or has a far better memory than we care to think about.

My Dad asked me for some Mucinex DM. Since, as I always am, courtesy of my mother, I was a walking pharmacy to China. Of course, I had some. It now sits on top of the fridge for the whole house to indulge in, should they need it. Along with Cold medicine, Gas-X, Pepto-Bismol, some other cold medicine, nasal saline spray, immodium, and who knows what else. Anyway, back on track...

And Reese suddenly goes, in a high pitched, mockingly afraid voice:

"Mucinex DM! OH NO!"

...Yeah, maybe there's been a bit much TV, not that that's a commercial on N0ggin, her primary channel. There's not any commercials on N0ggin.

I had to share that, though. It was too funny not to document.

I spent the afternoon in the ER of our local Children's Hospital. I've been having bad cramping since Friday (Saturday morning, China time), so we were getting a bit concerned. They have me 1000 cc of saline in an hour, and we were pretty well convinced that machine was going to blow up, but the final consensus was I have Traveler's Diarrhea. Yay for me. Ah, well, apparently it would've been worse had I not had another experience with one of its cousins in 2007, when everything I'd ever ingested (it felt like) wanted out, in China. So apparently, I've developed some resistence to it. That's good, in an odd way. Means it should get less bad every time I get it, should I get it again. Which tragically wouldn't shock me, as my stomach is prone to getting peeved quite easily. And since I thoroughly plan on traveling lots.

Anyway, back to the trip home from China....

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